Hess Single Skin Technology


I’m always searching for ways to make stronger, high performance, interesting surfboards. That search has led me to creating my single skin technology.  I was trying to find that neutral, consistent flex poly surfboards have in a stronger epoxy type construction. I feel that this combination of 2lb. recycled EPS with the full 1/8th inch thick wood deck skin/ stringer has achieved that and created a very durable board at the same time.




Recycled EPS core

Vacuum formed 1/8th inch thick wood deck that functions as the stringer providing even, consistent, lively flex.

Durable, very pressure ding resistant deck

Glassed with Entropy Bio- Epoxy




Custom wood decks- Walnut, VG Fir, Poplar, 

Glass on salvaged redwood fins

Color Work

Unidirectional carbon fiber rails