Hess Full Wood Technology

I’ve spent a lot of time finding the best woods to use in specific areas of the board. Poplar and Cork rails have a nice even, lively flex. Salvaged Redwood, Fir,Cedar, and Amapola work great for light, really strong tail parts, as well as great glass on fins with lots of drive.  Fir, Poplar, and walnut decks provide really good impact strength that allows me to use far less fiberglass than a conventional board.

Perimeter Frame/ Stringers

Each perimiter frame is constructed using a system of molds and templates that consistently create each boards outline, foil, and rocker.

Each perimiter frame is engineered to provide the surfer a specific and  predictable amount of flex/ return spring projection along the perimiter stringer/ rail line.

The perimiter stringer eliminates the inefficient, energy releasing twisting characteristics that can be found in conventional center stringered foam surfboards.

1/8th inch wood skins

The thicker deck and bottom skins give each board a lot of impact strength and reduce the amount of fiberglass needed to glass each board.